About GDPR Policy

Immunity Weapon™ complies with General Data Protection regulation and safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information. Along with GDPR compliance, our process, as well as policies, follows all strict control as set recently. We have taken up and implemented GDPR principles within our organization and we are also in compliance with all technical standards based on personal data protection.

What is GDPR?

The EU executed the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, which states how all companies, will handle data. Handling includes a collection of data, processing data and storing data.

Is it applicable to me?

The existing EU legislation governs all entities within the EU, but it is also applicable for all non-EU businesses who are marketing to people in the EU. So, although you are based outside EU, if you are controlling data of EU citizens, GDPR is applicable for you.

GDPR important terms:

  • Data subject: GDPR states data subjects as recognized natural persons. In simple terms, data subjects mean those persons from you are collecting relevant data or information about your own business and its functions.
  • Data controller: GDPR defines a data controller as a legal person, agency or any public authority either alone or in association with others, who determines the main purpose as well as ways of data processing.
  • Data processor: According to GDPR policy, Data processor is those entities who handle the personal data for data controllers.

Important FAQs

How does  Immunity Weapon™ meet up Data Privacy and protection?

Immunity Weapon™ has always used the best ways to ensure data privacy and protection of our customers. We work in close association with a renowned third party firm for the compliance service and data handling and storing with best practices.

How Immunity Weapon™ manages GDPR compliance?

Immunity Weapon™ has handed over to a third party firm the GDPR controls. It is not needed by the supervising companies, but we have selected to make sure we provide the best to our clients.

Are my data secure when I work with Immunity Weapon™?

Your data is 100% safe with Immunity Weapon™. All our procedures and policies for client data security are based on all industries best practices for data security and protection. Out teams of experts makes sure that our practices can defend all cyber threats.

How customer Data transactions are kept safe?

Immunity Weapon™ GDPR compliance team works with the customer’s compliance team to make sure all documentation are in the best place before the data processing starts.

What is the relationship of a client with Immunity Weapon™ in the GDPR ground?

Based on the GDPR context, a client if the Data controller and Immunity Weapon™ is the Data processor.

What does Immunity Weapon™ collect and utilize about individuals?

Immunity Weapon™ never collects any data for its purpose rather it is collected as per the instructions of the data controller who is the owner of the data.

Do my website audience posses right to get deleted?

Yes. Contact the GDPR team to get assistance in this process.

Are peoples offered with a process to alter their preferences concerned with the use of personal information?

Yes, it is available in the Cookie policy.

Can my website audience opt-in or opt-out for data collection?

Yes. Your account manager can call the GDPR team to know more about this.

What is the procedure followed by Immunity Weapon™ when a person makes objections to some specific use of their data?

When anybody puts an objection for data collection, a procedure is followed to eliminate the data from our system. The client should also have their processes for effective management of data sent by Immunity Weapon™ with compliance with GDPR.

Does Immunity Weapon™ have adequate arrangements to recognize, investigate and deal with all personal data breaches?

Yes, we make use of all best practices to recognize, protect, detect, and recover from any data breaches.

For more information, on Immunity Weapon™ approaches to GDPR, please contact the account manager at [email protected]

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